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TheOneSpot’s mission: help home buyers navigate the buying process.

Started with TheOneSpot as a founding member, I’ve helped build the brand, a Design System, the MVP & contribute to the product roadmap & strategy. We since validated the idea & launched the web application & homepage in June 2019. Meanwhile, I also supported implementing & improving the design process & growth activities. The platform is growing quickly with more than 1,000 registered users, six months after release, with a strong prospect to scale in 2020.

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TheOneSpot’s app helping home buyers on-the-go.

After launching an MVP of the web experience & validating some of our hypotheses, I helped the team create the MVP of the app. As home buyers, home inspections are one of the most time-consuming activities and one that can cost buyers a considerable amount of money if they’re not sure about what they’re doing. TheOneSpot app’s goal is to help home buyers save time & money by inspecting smarter using technology. As of December 2019, the app attracted more than 600 sign—ups, only three months after being released in the app stores.

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Cora, a personal digital companion. And its companion site.

Cora is a community-based support platform operating via an AI-driven chat application, which is designed to help users cope after an illness or injury, both physical and mental, accessible anywhere, anytime. Much-needed design updates are required for the landing page after more contents and features have been added to the website and the chatbot, respectively.

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How to Improve Design Team’s Productivity

Tips for working with Designers, from a Designer.

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Becoming a Senior Product Designer

Becoming a Senior Product Designer may be different from you think.

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Flight booking UX: the bad & the ugly

What makes it so bad? And can we even fix it?

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